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How to build a strong team culture without leadership support

Laszlo Bock

"It is within anyone’s grasp to be the founder and culture-creator of their own team, whether you are the first employee or joining a company that has existed for decades".

The foundation of a good culture is clearly stating the purpose - why something is (or isn't) taking place.

While it is important to share the importance of a project, we should not forget to identify the part is can play in our team's personal development. So, for each project, esta...

Clearly defining roles & responsibilities can help foster good communication. Then people can know exactly what they are accountable for and what not. They will also be able to identify whom to ask their questions when they appear.

Foster healthy dynamics early. People should feel free to voice their opinions, but you first need to make sure these conversations are built on respect.

Rituals are the glue for effective teams. They give everyone the space to be themselves and to have fun.

Some rituals should be required for all members, others can be decided upon as a team, and some should be decided individually.

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