4 Shoulder Exercises for Size & Symmetry | Delta Fitness Canary Wharf - Deepstash
4 Shoulder Exercises for Size & Symmetry | Delta Fitness Canary Wharf

4 Shoulder Exercises for Size & Symmetry | Delta Fitness Canary Wharf

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Shoulder Anatomy

Shoulder Anatomy

The shoulder muscles consist of the deltoids and rotator cuff groups-

  • Deltoids: They are divided into three main parts: front deltoid, middle deltoid, and rear deltoid. You should mainly focus on training the weaker parts of your shoulders (middle and rear deltoids).
  • Rotator Cuff Group: It consists of a small group of muscles found within the shoulder joint itself. It’s responsible for stabilizing and controlling the shoulder movement. The muscles here are very flexible as they allow the shoulder to move in almost any range of motion.


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Standing Overhead Press

Standing Overhead Press

About: The shoulder press is an essential compound movement that works your whole body. It’s a fantastic exercise for building muscle mass and strengthening the shoulders due to its ability to easily overload it with weights. It is the only exercise primarily focused on working the front deltoid 

Technique: Stand with the bar on your front shoulders while keeping your legs straight. Then, press the bar over your head and hold for one second. Lower the bar back to your shoulders. Repeat.


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Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

About: This is a great single-joint movement for the middle delts. To maximize shoulder activation, this exercise requires a strong posture and a proper form.

Therefore, be prepared to sacrifice some weights in order to perform the exercise correctly and prevent any potential injuries.

Technique: With a dumbbell in each hand, lean forward while keeping your back flat and knees bent. Raise the dumbbells up and make sure that you are slightly externally rotating your shoulders. Take a brief pause at the top before lowering the dumbbells back into starting position.


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Reverse Machine Flyes

Reverse Machine Flyes

About: The machine rear delt fly is an exercise targeting mainly the rear head of the shoulder muscle. It’s a great burnout movement that is also very easy to learn and master. This exercise can be performed on the machine chest fly, facing the opposite direction.

Technique: Make sure your seat is at the right height (it should be at the same level as your shoulders; not too high or too low). Find a grip that works for you and push the shoulders forward while bringing your arms out. Hold for a second and then slowly return to the starting position. Focus on maintaining the fixed position of your shoulders. 


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Standing Face Pull

Standing Face Pull

About: The standing face pull is an isolation exercise that’s especially effective when it comes to targeting your rear deltoids and traps. Besides making your shoulders look more round, it also improves shoulder mobility, offsets your posture, and contributes to a stronger bench press.

Technique: Put the rope attachments in a position above your head and grasp the handles with both hands. Step back until your arms are fully extended and lean back slightly. Pull the handles of the attachment straight towards your forehead. Perform slow and controlled movements.


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