The Secret to Longevity from Ikigai

Authors of Ikigai, filmed conversation with the eldest member of the community about their life, their Ikigai and the secret to longevity. They share some inspiring and meaningful statements.

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by Héctor García

Say No! to Worry

The Secret to a long life is not to worry. and to keep your heart young, don't let it grow old. Open your heart to people with a nice smile on your face.

The Best way to avoid anxiety is to go out in the Street and say hello to people.

Cultivate Good Habits

Cultivating Good Habits to your routine like

  • Wake up early and go for a walk
  • Do little excercise, that gives you energy for the rest of the day
  • Eat light and Vegetables
  • Go for work
  • Spend Quality time with people you love.
  • Reading Books
Live an unhurried life

Slowdown and Just Relax.

Always staying busy, but doing one thing at a time, without getting overwhelmed.

Going to bed early, waking up early. Live peacefully and enjoy the little things. Happily

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by Héctor García



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