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Different Types Of Mediation ~ Upgrade Your Life

Different Types Of Mediation ~ Upgrade Your Life


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How to Be More Mindful

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How to focus on the present moment

How to improve relationships through mindful communication

How to reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness

How to Be More Mindful

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Meditation is enjoying the inner world without the distractions of the outer world. Meditation is just like sports, there are lots of different types of 'games' that may help will connect with your inner world and energize you to face the 'busy' world.

Meditation will lead you to the greater purpose of your life so that you don't feel worthless anytime.


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Emily Fletcher

Meditation is not about getting good at Meditation. Meditaion is getting good at LIFE.



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Hermetic Meditation

Hermetic Meditation

  1. Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness means being present at the moment. Just flow with your environment. When any thought comes just watch it and let it go.
  2. Focus Meditation: You need to focus on something just like your breath or flickering flame or a sound of a bell, or any sensation in your body.
  3. Mindfulness Breathing: This is just a combination of mindfulness meditation and focus mediation and this is also called open awareness meditation.
  4. Transcendental Meditation: Here a 'mantra' is chanted while doing this and the mantra is given by his/ her guru or master.
  5. Moving Meditation: Mindfulness meditation but while you are working.


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Modern Meditation

Modern Meditation

  1. Creative Visualization: Here ina relax state of mind you visualize 3 mental screens - your problem, the success, and the process.
  2. Intuitive Meditation: Here you just free your mind to think about a specific problem for long enough.
  3. Forgiveness Practice: In this, you try to forgive someone or maybe yourself from some bad past experiences.
  4. Connection Meditation: Here you feel love and compassion not only for you and your close one for everyone you have come contact to.
  5. Directive Healing: You go into delta state of mind where the natural healing process takes place and you direct your mind consciously to heal itself from its own.
  6. Reprogramming: Here you reprogram your own belief system.


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A learner who loves to share wisdom on personal growth, happiness, and success on Deepstash. Topics include motivation, habits, goals, and mindset. Believes that everyone can achieve their dreams with the right attitude and action.

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