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Commit To Starting Today

Commit To Starting Today

  • Self-care is essential preventative work for both physical and mental health.
  • One of the first steps in taking better care of ourselves is simply committing to doing it. 
  • The key is starting small — even if it's just setting aside a few minutes each day for yourself.


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Set Boundaries

Set Boundaries

  • A critical part of carving out time for yourself is setting boundaries. Brainstorm where you can cut back on responsibilities and commitments in your daily life, and then act accordingly.
  • When it comes to setting boundaries or seeking special accommodations at work, many employers are willing to be more flexible and empathetic than you might expect. 
  • Approach your employer with specific details of what you want them to do and come to the table with a plan and compromises ready.


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Get In Tune With Your Emotions

Get In Tune With Your Emotions

  • Gaining an awareness of your emotions is important for establishing a self-care routine.
  • Ask yourself if you can routinely identify what you are feeling, and try to learn to identify others' feelings as well
  • If you are watching a show or reading something, ask yourself: 'Can I tell how this person is feeling?'
  • Therapy is also an option. The most important thing is finding a good therapist you trust and who makes you feel safe. 


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Ask For Help

Ask For Help

  • The ability to establish a self-care routine during tough times might involve leaning on your social support network, like your friends or family.
  • Reach out to them to see how others are coping. Make a list of things they do that might be helpful to self-soothe in your own life.


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Go Back To The Basics

Go Back To The Basics

  • Take a few minutes to do some deep breathing. Be sure to drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Check in with yourself by asking the questions: Are you aware of what you're eating and how it impacts your body? Do you have quality relationships with the people in your life? Could you establish a relaxing morning and nighttime routine? Could you cut down on caffeine? What do you like to do for movement?
  • Remember that self-care is anything you do to help get you through the day! :)


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