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Why You Feel Behind in Life and How to Stop
Why You Feel Behind in Life and How to Stop
Why You Feel Behind in Life and How to Stop


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Why You Feel Behind in Life and How to Stop

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3 Steps to Combat Feeling Behind

Humans are a competitive species, comparing ourselves to others. In the age of the internet and early specialization, you can quickly feel left behind.

Here’s how to fix that:

  1. Spend less time on social media or change the way you think about social media.
  2. Practice gratitude journaling 3-4 times a week. Those who do it have reported feeling less envy, less stress and more happy.
  3. Set intrinsic goals, spending time on what you enjoy or on what motivates or makes your curious.


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1. Spend Less Time on Social Media or Change Your Perspective

Social networks are like drugs, in the sense that they are the distilled version of a natural thing, in the way the information is framed.

The Instagram feed is the distilled version of a person, presenting only their best and happiest moments, and not the real person.

Seeing only these highly-curated lives can make you feel like your life is insufficient.

If you can’t remove social media from your life, try social media platforms which promote educational content.


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2. Practice Gratitude Journaling

Mental health is on the decline. Two of the main factors are

  • Increased feelings of loneliness;
  • Poor diet.

Studies show that those who practice gratitude journaling 3-4 times a week have reported feeling less envy, less stress and more happy than those who only wrote down how they felt.

So grab a pen and start writing 5 things for which you feel grateful every day.


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3. Practice the Shift From Extrinsic to Intrinsic Goals

People are less likely to do things because they want to achieve mastery or for pleasure (intrinsic goals), but rather because they present some sort of competitive advantage (extrinsic goals).

This is what can lead to mental health issues.

Instead, try to do the opposite: find goals that want to pursue out of curiosity, out of the desire to improve yourself, or just out of sheer pleasure and personal satisfaction.


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Why You Feel Left Behind - The Need to Get Ahead

Humans beings, like other animals, are a competitive species. As a result, we compare ourselves to others.

If for most of history you only knew about the nearest ~150 people, now you can easily find the ‘best’ people at anything online: billionaires, supermodels, so on.

The academic arms race and the trend of promoting early development and success - wonderkin - can have a detrimental impact on motivation, as it becomes easy to be let down seeing how much more others may have achieved at your age.

It’s easy to fall into the delusion of not being good enough. However, that shouldn’t be the case.


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