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The ABCs of Emotions - Mindful

The ABCs of Emotions - Mindful

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ABCs Of Emotions: Awareness

ABCs Of Emotions: Awareness

Simply be aware of your current state of mind, the feeling you are experiencing right now.

Then label that emotion, becoming a witness to it. Labelling detaches the emotion from us, and we begin to see it as a separate entity, no longer identifying with it, or being at its mercy.


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ABCs Of Emotions: Balance

The art of balance requires us to be okay with the inner turmoil, and willing to go inside the storm.

When we resist or suppress an emotion, it grows inside us, but if we stay with our emotions and let them dance, it flows out of our system.


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ABCs Of Emotions: Care And Curiosity

When we dig deeper and feel the intensity of the emotion, observing our body sensations, we need to gauge the intensity and take care of ourselves by stepping back and moving away from entertaining the emotion if it heats up above boiling point.


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ABCs Of Emotions: Support

We can make use of our friends, family, online resources and healthy habits to manage our intense emotions.

Support can also mean self-compassion, meditation, patience, mindfulness and breathing exercises.


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