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A Vegan Bodybuilding Diet: Guide and Meal Plan

A Vegan Bodybuilding Diet: Guide and Meal Plan


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A Vegan Bodybuilding Diet: Guide and Meal Plan

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General Muscular Development

  1. Nutrition plays a key role in the process of muscular development.
  2. It’s generally accepted that for optimal muscle growth to occur, protein intake should be rather high at around 0.7–1.0 grams per pound (1.6–2.2 grams per kg) of body weight per day.
  3. A calorie surplus of 10–20% is also beneficial for gaining muscle mass, especially for those who are not brand new to training.


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Fill up on high protein plant foods

  1. When following a vegan bodybuilding diet, it’s important to get enough protein to aid your muscle-building goals.
  2. Higher amounts and a wider variety of these foods need to be eaten to regularly meet your needs.
  3. Filling up on high protein vegan foods, such as seitan, tofu, legumes, and quinoa, can help you meet your protein needs to maximize muscle gain.
  4. Vegan protein powders can also help you meet your protein needs by providing concentrated sources of protein surrounding workouts.


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Make sure to eat enough fat

  1. By consuming sufficient amounts of fat, you obtain the calories needed to promote muscle gain, as fat provides twice the number of calories as carbs and protein per gram.
  2. The general recommendation for fat intake for off-season bodybuilders is 0.5 grams per pound (1 gram per kg) of body weight daily.
  3. This equates to around 80 grams of fat per day for a male bodybuilder weighing 175 pounds (80 kg).


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Drink plenty of fluid

  1. Given that a vegan bodybuilding diet tends to be high in fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes, fiber intake can become quite high.
  2. When you significantly increase your fiber intake, certain side effects can arise, such as bloating, excessive flatulence, and abdominal pain.
  3. Drinking enough water is one way to help prevent complications from a high fiber vegan diet. A minimum of 1 ml of fluid per calorie is a good place to start.


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Educate yourself

  1. Education plays an important role in following a vegan diet and can set apart a successful diet from an unsuccessful one.
  2. It is crucial to know which foods provide the key nutrients the diet may otherwise lack.
  3. Fortunately, with the rise in popularity of the vegan diet, educational resources have been created that can lead you in the right direction.


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The vegan bodybuilding diet usually includes the following food : List 1/4

  • Beans and legumes. These provide a good source of protein and fiber.
  • Hemp, flax, sunflower, and chia seeds. They contain a good amount of protein and omega-3s.
  • Quinoa and amaranth. These two pseudograins provide complete sources of protein.
  • Meat substitutes. Made to look and feel like meat, these products are usually made with soy or pea protein.
  • Soy products. Examples include tofu, tempeh, edamame, soy milk, and soy protein powder.


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The vegan bodybuilding diet usually includes the following food : List 2/4

  • Calcium-fortified plant milks and yogurts. These fortified products can help vegans meet their daily requirements for calcium and vitamin D.
  • Spirulina. This blue-green algae packs a lot of protein, as well as several vitamins and minerals.
  • Vegan protein powders. The best varieties are usually made from a combination of protein sources, such as peas, hemp, and brown rice.
  • Nutritional yeast. Used in vegan cooking for its savory flavor, nutritional yeast is commonly fortified with vitamin B12.


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The vegan bodybuilding diet usually includes the following food : List 3/4

  • Sprouted grain breads. These provide a good source of protein and complex carbs.
  • Oats. Oatmeal and oats provide a good amount of protein per serving, as well as some beneficial fiber.
  • Fruit and vegetables. These are an important part of any vegan diet.
  • Whole grains and cereals. These can provide a good source of protein, B vitamins, and fiber.
  • Nuts and nut butters. They can provide a good source of protein when combined with other complementary proteins. Plus, they’re a good source of healthy fats.


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The vegan bodybuilding diet usually includes the following foods: (cont.) List 4/4

  • Tahini. This paste made from sesame seeds provides a good amount of fat and a bit of protein per serving.
  • Healthy oils. Oils, such as olive, avocado, and hempseed, provide a good source of healthy fats and some essential omega-3s.
  • Vegan dark chocolate. High in antioxidants, vegan dark chocolate contains some essential vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, and E.


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Dietary Supplements to Consider

  1. Vegan protein powder, which allows you to reach the protein intake levels recommended for bodybuilding while staying within a certain calorie range.
  2. Vegan multivitamin that includes sufficient quantities of the nutrients that the vegan diet typically lacks, such as calcium, iron, zinc, and vitamins B12 and D.
  3. Creatine and beta-alanine. They can play a role in energy metabolism and muscle gain.
  4. While supplementing is not entirely necessary on the vegan diet, it can reduce the chances of nutrient deficiency and optimize the diet for your bodybuilding purposes.


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Day 1 - Sample Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

  • Breakfast: protein oatmeal made with oats, vegan protein powder, soy milk, banana, and nut butter
  • Lunch: tofu stir-fry made with extra firm tofu, vegan pasta, beans, red lentils, celery, onion, and spinach
  • Dinner: teriyaki tempeh with broccoli and quinoa
  • Snack: strawberry-banana protein shake


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Day 2 - Sample Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

  • Breakfast: breakfast burritos made with tofu scramble and vegetables on vegan tortillas
  • Lunch: lentil loaf made with lentils, kidney beans, veggies, and nutritional yeast
  • Dinner: black-bean veggie burger with sweet potato fries
  • Snack: peanut butter and oatmeal snack bars


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Day 3 - Sample Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

  • Breakfast: hummus toast made with sprouted grain bread, hummus, hemp seeds, and sunflower seeds
  • Lunch: vegan burrito bowl made with rice, beans, and homemade mock taco meat
  • Dinner: sweet-and-sour stir-fry made with tofu, rice noodles, and vegetables
  • Snack: mock tuna salad sandwich


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Day 4 - Sample Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

  • Breakfast: chocolate-peanut-butter smoothie bowl made with bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, vegan protein powder, and cocoa powder
  • Lunch: black bean and quinoa “meat” balls over whole grain vegan pasta
  • Dinner: vegan chili with tofu mince, kidney beans, tomatoes, and red lentils
  • Snack: roasted chickpeas with red pepper flakes


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Day 5 - Sample Vegan Bodybuilding Diet

  • Breakfast: protein pancakes made with whole grain flour and vegan protein powder with toppings of your choice
  • Lunch: coconut-tofu-curry stir-fry made with tofu, soba noodles, and edamame
  • Dinner: vegan sloppy joe made with lentils and veggies
  • Snack: chocolate-peanut-butter protein shake


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  1. With many creative recipes available, the vegan bodybuilding diet doesn’t have to be boring.
  2. There are several staple ingredients that many of the recipes are based upon.
  3. It’s helpful to plan out several days of meals to make shopping easier.
  4. Following a vegan diet can provide several health benefits, although it comes with some drawbacks for bodybuilding, which should be taken into consideration.
  5. It’s wise to consult your healthcare provider or nutritionist before starting a vegan diet.


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