How to Find Micro-Moments of Stillness in the Everyday | Wit & Delight - Deepstash
How to Find Micro-Moments of Stillness in the Everyday | Wit & Delight

How to Find Micro-Moments of Stillness in the Everyday | Wit & Delight

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An Unstable Mind And Body

Most of us cannot stay still, as we were never taught to be at one place and do nothing. We have heard about the benefits of meditation, but start to wiggle if we try it even for a minute.

Our constant need to juggle and multitask has made it impossible to do anything solo. We need a distraction to help us with our main distraction, like listening to music while reading, or watching TV while surfing Twitter.


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Scared Of Nothing

We try to drown our mind with distractions and noise because we are scared of what will happen when everything stops, no TV, music, internet, phones and everything dead silent. 

We could hear ourselves think and we could end up getting introduced to what we really feel, and who we really are. That is scary as hell.


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The Art Of Stillness

Stillness does not mean lack of motion, but just to be, even if just for a few micro-moments. Even a five-second look at the trees outside and a deep breath can be a micro-vacation.

  • One can be still with a cat or a dog, who will love your petting them.
  • Try to block all social media and phone notifications, setting a timer to not be disturbed in those precious moments.
  • Small rituals like leaning back and staying still for 10 seconds before you start your car, or enjoying the complete song help us be still for a moment.


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The Art Of Stillness: Stolen Moments Of Peace

  • Put a sticky note on your computer screen reminding you to breathe deeply.
  • After accomplishing a task from the to-do list, enjoy the feeling for a few moments.
  • Relax when you close your laptop after finishing work.
  • Send a small message to your loved ones, feeling good that you made them feel good.
  • Savor your tea or coffee without your phone.
  • Chew your food slowly and without screens around you.
  • Get a body massage or Reiki.


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Everyday Tricks To Attain Stillness

  • When watching TV, mute the commercials and relax.
  • Sit and relax on a park bench.
  • Spend some time close to water.
  • Put your stillness time on your calendar.
  • Before you go to sleep, put your phone and iPad away.
  • Try gratitude practice at night.
  • Give yourself some space in the morning before jumping towards your routine.


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