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Do what you love – and take it easy: how to get back lost fitness and motivation

Do what you love – and take it easy: how to get back lost fitness and motivation


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Don't Be Ashamed

Many people are too terrified to go to the gym because they're afraid of being judged by other people, but the reality most of the time is that nobody really cares.

If you're able to push yourself to get past through the discomfort for a couple of sessions then soon after you'll be changin...

If you can find a reason to exercise, then it would greatly help you get motivated to keep fit and healthy.

For many, they work our for the aesthetics; while for some they exercise for their family. It depends on what works for you!

When we go to the gym feeling super pumped and excited to work out, it's tempting to go on a full-throttle fitness kick, but doing so is counterproductive. It's not realistic and you probably won't be able to keep up after that session or two.

Find Something You Enjoy

If you dislike running or find weight lifting boring, then don't do it. Doing something you don't find personally enjoyable won't help you get back into anything.

Find something you like and start there. It will also help build your confidence and this goes hand in hand with motivation.

Don't Obsess About The Gym

There are many ways to exercise without going to the gym. Exercise is not just about weight lifting and running on the treadmill.

Going on a walk regularly is exercise. Getting up and moving around more is exercise.

Incremental gains can be really motivating. It could help you gain more motivation if you write down your progress and see it often.

Among others, you could also motivate other people with it. Learn to understand what motivates you and work on that.

Take workout sessions that are manageable and don't overcommit. It's better to have shorter sessions than bulking in classes and then eventually dropping out.

Your workout needs to be consistent and realistic, otherwise it gets overwhelming.

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