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How to Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue

How to Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue


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How to Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue

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  • More fatiguing for some as there are fewer social cues than those conducted in person. 
  • Some employees appreciate the more detached meeting style
  • In summary, the feedback has been paradoxical. 


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  • Virtual meeting preferences signal the need for a tailored response from leaders. 
  • Collecting feedback on your meetings
  • Communicate to employees that you want meetings to be a more positive experience for them. 
  • Cancel unnecessary meetings and make necessary meetings shorter.
  • Assign different roles to attendees when it makes sense, such as facilitator, notetaker, or timekeeper.
  • Use breakout rooms for problem-solving, discussions, and social interactions.


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  • Hold asynchronous meetings, such as by creating a shared Google Doc for employees to contribute to throughout the day.
  • Build in breaks during long meetings and in between back-to-back meetings. Encourage employees to get up, stretch, and walk around.
  • Implement meeting-free time blocks or days.
  • Moderate and facilitate virtual meetings more actively, moving topics along when needed and ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
  • Turn off “self view,” if possible, on your meeting platform and make camera use optional for some meetings.


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  • How helpful are our team meetings?
  • What is working well and not so well? What should we do differently?
  • To optimize your workflow, should our meetings be scheduled in the morning, midday, or afternoon?
  • How long should our meetings be?
  • How often should we meet?
  • Would you benefit from days or time blocks with no meetings?
  • If you were to lead the meeting, what would you do differently?


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