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Securing Customers and Sales through Quick Response Times

Securing Customers and Sales through Quick Response Times

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The Stats Are Shocking - Most Businesses Delay In Responding

The Stats Are Shocking - Most Businesses Delay In Responding

According to Super Office, it is shocking to believe that the average response time for companies that do respond to customer enquiries, is actually 12 hours! 😱

This is enough time for a customer to:

  1. Conclude you wouldn’t respond
  2. Search for a different seller
  3. Buy from your competition

Are you fuelling your own brand damage by ignoring the importance of speedy response times?


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Value Your Customer’s Time

Your customers are just as busy too, looking for solutions to problems while busy with their lives.

When you provide platforms for customer engagement such as emails, chatbots, customer service desks, social media etc, setup a response framework and be more intentional about responding quicker.

Make it a decision that all customers will receive timely responses, even if resolutions take longer.


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Quick Acknowledgements Creates An Illusion Of Speed

This is very true. Even if your teams are mostly busy, quick acknowledgements to customer enquiries presents a speedy response experience to the customer.

But don’t just acknowledge quickly, use the acknowledgement message as a means to set an expectation.

For example, thank you for your message, we will definitely be reaching out to you before the end of the day.


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Provide Self-Service Options

You can save a lot of team and customer time by making available materials and content that provides answers to customer questions.

Even right there on your contact us page, you can show the customer a list of Frequently asked Questions they can get quick answers without needing to fall into your customer support helpline.


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Streamline Your Process, Use Technology

A lot of tools will help you setup your workflow and automate your processes so you can save time.

Handling customer enquiries is one of the benefits that a business tool/system such as MyCo will give you.

You will be able to setup a landing page to capture customer enquiries, track them until resolution and automate post-support tasks such as collecting customer feedback.

If you are still yet to engage technology in your business properly, you need to check out MyCo.


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Track Customer Interactions, Anticipate Issues Quickly

There’s a reason you receive an email from Amazon reminding you there are items in your basket. They don’t want you to forget, as it is a sale opportunity for them.

The lesson here is anticipating customer needs, providing support proactively, reminding them if need. This helps you secure the sale opportunity while it is available (as you may lose it if you engage too late).

This is why you should consider tracking customer activity (within the boundaries of regulations) so you can address issues on time.


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Equip Your Teams With The Right Mindset/training

It is not enough for you to desire speedy responses. Your teams must be onboard and understand why it is important.

Educate your teams and all 3rd party that may be involved in handling customers such as your offshore outsourced support teams.

Let them know why it is important, what is expected of them, and measure productivity always.


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Beware Of Varying Timezones, Cater For Time Differences

If you’re serving customers globally, you have a time-difference challenge in your hands.

Think about your geographical customer personas and setup systems/processes that can cater across different time zones.

Set expectations accordingly so there is no confusion with your opening, closing and response times.

Employ local teams if need be to cater for varying timezones.


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Meet Your Own Timelines, Don’t Disappoint The Customer

The last point is really about promises and expectations.

When you’ve defined a response time for your customer, please ensure you adhere to the timelines.

Don’t break the trust by not meeting the expectations you’ve promised. Don’t disappoint the customer.


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Built a CRM Tool. Company Founder. Consultant for Customer Service & Customer Experience


I tried to buy from a business and struggled to pay. By the time they realised 2 days later, it was already too late. Time is of the essence and that’s why I am sharing this with businesses, so we can be more time-bound with our customer engagements

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