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Creating and perfecting your sales sequence takes time


How to Create Sales Sequences Your Reps Will Actually Use - Sales Hacker

How to Create Sales Sequences Your Reps Will Actually Use - Sales Hacker


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Creating sales email sequences

A great sales email sequence needs more work than writing a few pitches.

Your AEs and SDRs are a vital part of the content creation process and need to be fully committed to succeed long-term.

Assign one person to stay focused on writing and measuring the success of your content.

Your frontline reps should buy in to the new sales sequences. Ask what your SDRs hear from their prospects as they speak directly with customers.

Steps to ensure new content has buy-in and ...

Sales reps should feel part of the content creation process to increase their chances of using the sequences.

When you involve reps:

  • Use their time wisely. Once a month is enough to review content.
  • Review all content, and come prepared with adoption stati...

For larger companies, SDRs often use up to 100 sequences, while smaller companies can use 10 or 15 sales sequences.

Content supply chain steps:

  • Brainstorming new content ideas
  • Ensuring content ideas connect to actual use cases
  • Writing the content

  • Keep it short. The whole email should fit on a phone screen without scrolling.
  • The email must be about your customer, not about the rep or company.
  • Talk about value propositions, not the features or benefits of your products....

Testing different versions of your email copy can help you sharpen your message. However, test one thing at a time and in an isolated way.

For example, test if adding a link to an email affects deliverability. Or how the length of a subject line performs.



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