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The Hiring Crisis


The Hourly Hiring Crisis Is a Process, Not a People, Problem   - ERE

The Hourly Hiring Crisis Is a Process, Not a People, Problem   - ERE


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A Hiring Crisis

For the first time since 2008, volume is missing from high-volume hiring, leaving most organizations using traditional recruitment strategies unprepared. As a result, employers are now having to quickly adapt to the current situation — with no true guideline for doing it the righ...

The heightened risk of getting sick, along with low wages, inflexible work schedules, and the increasing number of remote vacancies are all contributing to the talent crisis affecting the high-volume hiring.

But the lack of candidates for hourly jobs, which are mostly entry-le...

In the current context, the lack of candidates at the top of the funnel seems like the most pressing problem. Yet if we look beneath the surface, we see that across industries, companies in the high-volume-hiring space are struggling with high attrition, poor-quality hires, and high drop-off rate...

Traditionally, attraction and selection have been treated as two distinct challenges. Companies have always benefited from high volumes of candidates, so they rarely had to worry about not having enough talent to choose from. 

Now, as talent pools shrink, employers realize that this approac...

Selection processes, whether powered by a single recruiting platform or multiple tools, tend to be linear in how they screen out candidates. A candidate needs to meet the threshold set for each stage to progress to the next. However, in a rapidly-changing labor market, this approach sets you up f...

  • Matching. First, matching should help you identify the right applicants, as well as get them excited about the role.
  • Automation. In a tight labor market, you want a process that’s quick and enables you to offer job security as fast as possible.

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Human Resources is obsolete. Enter People Operations.



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