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The skills needed for today's working environment are changing rapidly. The current strategy to reskill and upskill is too slow. It requires organizations to rethink the boundaries of solutions to skills gaps.


Organizations Need a Dynamic Approach to Teaching People New Skills

Organizations Need a Dynamic Approach to Teaching People New Skills


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The work environment is shifting rapidly

The skills needed to succeed in today's work environment are constantly changing. A Gartner analysis revealed that in 2018, U.S. job postings in IT, finance, and sales roles needed an average of 17 skills. The same types of roles now require an average of 21 skills, including...

Most organisations use one of two approaches to ensure employees have the necessary skills:

  • Reactive: Organisations often scramble to build new skills as needs arise. By the time HR can put together a learning solution, the business has moved on.
  • Predic...

The dynamic approach embraces ambiguity, makes peace with imperfection, and frees up HR, managers, and employees to move fast in responding to the things they know and can anticipate.

To find the skills gaps as they arise, regularly bring together input from employees, le...

Many organisations respond to rapidly changing skills needs by supporting formal training. While formal training has its place, it is too slow for many in-demand skills. By the time the training is delivered, the need has changed. A faster solution is needed. For example,


The key to developing skills dynamically is to ensure both the organisation and employees are moving in the same direction. However, over 60% of employees don't believe their organisation is effective at helping them understand how information about skills needs applies to them.

  • Leader...

A few leading organisations have started to ask employees to document skills as part of a portfolio throughout their careers.

Employees make use of an HR-supplied portal that tracks current skills, knowledge and experience, alongside career goals and development aspirations...

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