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When Lori Greiner gives a pitch to customers, she can almost guarantee that the product will sell out in a few minutes. Before you make your next pitch, look at her tips on what makes a pitch work.

Shark Tank's Lori Greiner Shares 7 Tips for a Perfect Pitch | Inc.

Shark Tank's Lori Greiner Shares 7 Tips for a Perfect Pitch | Inc.



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A great pitch is describing your business or product within two sentences.

Buyers and investors are experts at summing up a product's potential at a quick glance. They need to know within a minute if they should part with their money or else they'll stop listening.

When you can make a buyer laugh or engage, you are a step closer to getting a deal.

If you show confidence and energy, you can get any buyer to act.

An investor pays attention to how well you listen and other qualities that show that you're easy to work with.

If entrepreneurs don't listen to questions that are asked during a pitch, they won't hear you down the road, and won't be a good partner.

The buyer won't find everything right, such as selling female-oriented products to male buyers. But buyers know their customers.

One determining factor is whether consumers won't be able to live without your product.

You need to be aware of every unit in the warehouse, the numbers on the books, the orders coming in. You need to be ready with answers for how you intend to plan for the future.

Know your facts about whether the product has been or can be profitable.

If you need to regularly explain why your product is unique, you probably have a gap in your market research.

If you have a tangible product, come to your pitch with a flawless prototype.

If you decide on giving a demonstration, treat it like a performance where you have to practice until it becomes second nature.

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