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3 Ways Managers Can Unite a Divided Workplace

3 Ways Managers Can Unite a Divided Workplace



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Divisions In The Workplace

Employees can't even agree on where they should work. Of those whose job can be done remotely:

  • 3 in 10 would prefer to work exclusively from home long-term
  • 5 in 10 would prefer a hybrid arrangement (time split between office and home)
  • 2 in 10 would prefer working on...

Workplace divisions not only threaten daily productivity; they also threaten the trust and social bonds that managers have worked so hard to cultivate on their teams. Some managers have invested years in building a strong, positive team culture -- and for the first time, they are beginning to...

When looking for "the right thing to say or do," here are three time-tested and evidence-based actions managers can use to keep their teams engaged, future-focused and unified during divisive times:

  • Providing a shared purpose
  • Leaning into development...

The best solution to combating divisiveness among team members is uniting them around a shared purpose -- a mission they can all get behind.

One common purpose we can all get behind is doing great work for our customers -- to make the world better for others. You may not b...

Divisiveness creates deeply personal distractions. Being future-focused can help: Everyone needs goals in their work life that keep them focused and striving to do their best work.

Development is your best tool for keeping employees focused on working toward a bright futu...

Everyone needs a plan. Ensure each person has a written "individual development plan" for achieving their most meaningful development goals, whether that means training to master a current role, learning new skills, receiving mentoring or gaining new key experiences. Ensure their plan includes a ...

When sensitive topics arise, the natural response for some managers may be to lean out of their team relationships. The belief is that the fewer conversations we have, the fewer land mines we will hit and the safer we all will be.

Although managers can't solve all of the w...

Ongoing employee recognition, in formal and informal ways, is a great tool for creating social habits that point to our shared values and goals. It makes people feel noticed, appreciated and valued for doing great work.

It's a reminder of our performance standards, celebrates people who ro...




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