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The Muscle Building Secrets of Jacked Prison Inmates

The Muscle Building Secrets of Jacked Prison Inmates

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth


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The Podcast: Key Takeaways

  • The “secrets” of jacked prisoner inmates is pretty simple: frequency and consistency
  • Former inmates are known to break up their day with 2-4 blocks of exercise throughout the day
  • Best glute exercises: hip thrusters, barbell squats, deadlifts, single-leg d...

The Jacked Up Prison Body

“Jacked” just means showing more muscle definition

  • The definition of “jacked” is a lot different than it used to be – if you lose fat (which you will probably do with prison food) and exercise – you will have a lot of muscle definition
  • Former inmates are known ...

Accelerating Muscle Growth In Glutes

Best glute exercises: hip thrusters, barbell squats, deadlifts, single-leg deadlifts, heavy kettlebell swing, good mornings

Quad dominance: if you’re not building glutes, the solution might not be in the exercises you’re choosing but instead in your ability to acti...

  1. Start with glute exercises first and finish sessions with other exercises.
  2. Start with glute activation sets (e.g., donkey kicks, etc.)

Do not bench press with feet off the floor unless you’re doing the advanced guillotine press.

  • The guillotine press is very advanced and not recommended for most people – it requires tremendous stability and mobility.
  • You’re making the bench press less effective...

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