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How to Lose 100 Pounds

How to Lose 100 Pounds

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth


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Podcast Key Takeaways

  • You don’t have to count calories and track obsessively to lose weight – focus on building habits and discipline.
  • 9 out of 10 tips are about improving self-awareness.
  • Weight loss has to come from a place of self-love and self-care – not self-hate and shame.
  • Exercise an...

Challenges To Weight Loss

  • Though the methods are the same, there are significant psychological and behavioural challenges to major weight loss.
  • Changing how we structure our day and move through social settings is a hurdle to weight loss.
  • Weight loss takes time – it’s not about dropping pounds fast an...

Tip One: Give It A Year

  • Give yourself one year to lose 100 pounds – it’s a slow, steady process physically and mentally – build the right foundation to keep the weight off
  • A year is not as long as it sounds with respect to your whole lifespan
  • Trying to lose 100 pounds is not a ‘calories in, calories...

Tip Two: Discipline and Habit

  • Understand the importance of discipline and habit, everything is easy when you start and feel motivated – long term success is hard
  • Discipline means you do it even when you don’t want to, ask yourself what changes you can make now that are hard but realistic
  • Build momentum by...

Tip Three: Building Muscle

  • When you start, focus on strength & not the number on the scale – building muscle speeds up your metabolism
  • Strength is a good metric because you have to put in the work unlike weight loss where you can hack unhealthily
  • One of the best ways to improve insulin sensitivity is t...

Tip Four: Activity

  • Increase activity throughout the day – add in 10 minute walks after meals, choose the stairs over the elevator, park a little further from the store
  • It’s easier to stay consistent when you attach an activity to daily habits you already have

Tip Five: Calories

  • Don’t drink your calories – if it’s too hard to only drink water, start by challenging yourself to drink 1 gallon of water per day as a priority in addition to whatever else you drink
  • Avoiding calories in drinks can result in hundreds of calories per day and can help curb cravings

Tip Six: Food

  • Avoid heavily processed foods – they’re designed to make you eat more and are effective at doing so
  • Don’t eat foods in wrappers & packages – don’t even worry about counting anything, eat as much as you want of whole foods  

  • Create barriers between yourself and your impulses – your kids are not an excuse to eat poorly, they should be eating what you eat
  • Don’t buy junk food or make them harder to access – your kids are not an excuse to eat crappy foods
  • You don’t need to always tell yourself no: if...

Eat mindfully – sit at a table, no phone, no television

We often eat quickly and in a stressed state which is bad for the digestive process and doesn’t give us a chance to process the feeling of being full.

  • Prioritize protein – eat protein first then move through the rest of the food
  • Protein increases satiety and is critical for muscle and metabolism

  • If you can, hire a nutritionist to understand the relationship between your mind and body when it comes to food.
  • Get the 9 previous steps nailed down before hiring a nutritionist.

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