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Because getting enough sleep can be tough for nocturnals because their biological rhythm is so at odds with society's timetable


Nocturnal? These Tweaks Will Help You Structure Your Day in a Way That Works For Your Body

Nocturnal? These Tweaks Will Help You Structure Your Day in a Way That Works For Your Body


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Your sleep chronotype

Your sleep chronotype describes your body's circadian rhythm or biological clock which influences your energy levels throughout the day.

Understanding your chronotype and its needs can help you structure your day in a way that works for your body: what time you wake up, go to bed, work out,...

The 4 Common Sleep Chronotypes

Most of us fall into one of four chronotypes:

Lions: Morning people who like to wake up early and are most productive in the morning

Bears: Sleep schedule is synced with the sun, with most productivity in the morning

Wolves: Prefer to wake up later in the day, most productive i...

The Wolf Chronotype

  • Tend to be active at night. As such, they often struggle with waking up early.
  • people who need to drag themselves out of bed in the morning and don't start feeling tired until around midnight.
  • "Wolves are creative, impulsive, and emotionally intense,"
  • they love to se...

Wolves: Suggested Schedule

This suggested schedule will maximize your energy peaks and respect your dips, according to Dr. Breus:

When to work out:

  • Wolves will see peak workout performance around 6 p.m:
  • Your hand-eye coordination has peaked (until 9 p.m.) as have your fat-burning ...

Wolves: When and What to Eat

If you wake up at 7 a.m.

  • 8 a.m. - if you wake up at 7, you'll want to have breakfast an hour later—without coffee!
  • You can have a cup at 11 a.m., drinking it too soon can make you jittery.
  • 1 p.m. - balanced lunch
  • 4 p.m. - a snack that's around 250 calories, wit...

Wolves: When to have sex

- morning (applies to all chronotypes, as it gets your day started on an energizing note) and around 10 p.m. - Dr. Breus

Of course, you'll also want to consider your sexual partner's chronotype.

Wolves: When to sleep

Go to bed by midnight

- By this time, your body is naturally starting to wind down, and you'll be able to get enough sleep (around 7 hrs) w/out having to sleep in the next day.

- you are typically at your best when you're getting around 7 hrs of sleep. On average wolves get through fo...

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