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How do founders separate their own wellbeing from their company’s?

How do founders separate their own wellbeing from their company’s?


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The Founders: Blurring Of Personal And Professional Lives

How can founders prevent their personal well-being from being swayed by the harsh winds of business that batter their company every day?

In reality, most founders who’ve watched their personal lives spiral after an awful Q3 have lived to tell the tale. And each has their own strat...

Maintaining Your Own Wellbeing

How do you maintain your own wellbeing during challenging times for the company?

Never skip my morning routine—whatever happens. Stick to your leisurely activities for a few good hours of the morning, whether it is exercise, reading, writing or even sleeping!


Don't Tie Your Self-Worth To Your Business

Having your self-worth fully tied to your business is a slippery slope. It's the same as having your self-worth tied to a relationship. If you get destroyed by it not working, you won't be able to continue to the next step—and businesses are a long term thing.

So take care of yourself and ...

A 10 Point List

How do you create a healthy distance between yourself and your company?

It is about introspecting to really understand where our job stands in our list of priorities. One way is to write down the ten most important things in our lives, and try to put a priority number on them. We w...


The trick is to decide how many hours you’re going to work each day, then to leave the office every day thinking: ‘I did everything humanly possible in the best way that I could.’

Like with most things in mental health, it’s a muscle you have to constantly exercise. So kee...

Creating Space

How do you create a space for yourself away from the stress of your company?

Mental health is something that you've got to practice every single day—it's like brushing your teeth. Eating well, taking supplements, going to the gym—are all key parts of the routine.

You also hav...

Recite A Mantra

Find that thing that resonates with you, like “I’m enough. I’m enough. I’m where I’m meant to be—I’m enough.” Whatever it is, find that mantra and use it to anchor yourself any time you feel overwhelmed.

The best thing we can do is find a founder that is one step ahead of us to give us perspective. 

Opening up to someone that can be impartial, that can understand your struggles, give some perspective, or even just give an ear to the problems you're facing—sometimes that’s 50% of the solutio...




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We should look for a panoramic framework to interpret the world through



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