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Self sabotaging patterns to be rated on a scale of 1 (not a problem) to 7 (big problem)


30 Types of Self-Sabotage (and What to Do About It)

30 Types of Self-Sabotage (and What to Do About It)



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  • You expect yourself to succeed in making life changes without designating any time or mental space to accomplish them.
  • You see your capacity to change as being dependent on other people’s behavior.
  • You’re a pe...

  • Your approach to pleasure is a denial -binge cycle. You deny yourself simple pleasures and relaxation, and then stay up watching Netflix until 3 a.m.
  • You ignore the warning signs that you need a break.
  • You don’t s...

  • Wasting time and emotional energy reinventing the wheel
  • Needing better routines that work for you.
  • People defer all decision-making to you even though you can empower them to make decisions.
  • Choo...

  • Over-focus on decreasing negative interactions, but under-focus on increasing positive interactions and shared experiences.
  • Complain about other people’s behavior when yo...

  • You self-generate stress . For example, you start more projects than you have time to finish.
  • You work on low priority tasks, but leave high priority tasks undone.
  • You overwork when what you really need is to step...

  • You hold back from investing or otherwise taking charge of your money, because of shame and anxiety about a bad decision or experience from years ago.

1. Consider addressing any habit you’ve rated a 5 or above.

2. Once you see your patterns, make specific behavioral plans of what you’ll start doing instead.

3. Any behavior change plan you come up with needs a contextual trigger.

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