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If you aspire for personal growth, then you have to focus on yourself.


The 5 Areas of Personal Growth (And How to Improve Them)

The 5 Areas of Personal Growth (And How to Improve Them)


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Personal Growth

It’s about quality rather than quantity.

So, what areas of personal growth do you like to improve?

Take a look in your vegetable patch and see what’s growing there now. Identify what is serving you and what is holding you back.

Nature abhors a vacuum so if you ...


The strategies that you have adopted in the past have become your default settings. Many of these learned behaviors were set in stone during childhood, and you unconsciously trust these strategies because they have worked in the past.

Self-awareness will help you recognize these kne...


One thing we humans love is control—to be in control. Or, at least, we love the idea of being in control. We tend to link control with safety.

The important thing is what we focus on. What is it we want to be in control of? What are we in control of?

Answer is, ourselves. Not...


When we allow something that “happens” to disturb our peace, we give away our power. If you let it trigger you negatively, your emotions are like a ship at sea with no engine power.

Recognize your emotion—frustration, disappointment, blame, ...


What we resist persists.

Knowing Yourself

How well do you know yourself?

The quote “what other people think of me is none of my business” has been attributed to countless famous people.

It can be tempting to compromise who we are for the sake of being accepted by others. 

If you want to know y...


“Basic self-confidence has less to do with a high estimation of one’s abilities than with the underlying capacity to express needs and desires without fear of being abandoned as a result.”

Not Knowing

Part of the personal growth process of acceptance is to accept what you don’t know.

Humans tend to seek solace in knowledge. Indeed, a significant amount of “knowledge” and “certainty” is, in reality, just opinions.

To be able to accept what we do not know is a signif...

Final Thoughts

Awareness, inner control, acceptance, and true knowledge will enhance your journey to improving different areas of your personal growth.

Only by knowing yourself can you grow yourself.

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