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Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Gut and Psychology Syndrome

Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.

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GAPS Conditions

Several seemingly unrelated conditions might be related to the health of one’s gut flora.

ADD, ASD, dyslexia, schizophrenia, epilepsy, and asthma among others.


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Toxic Load

If your gut biome is unhealthy foods will be broken down improperly. This leads to deficiencies in certain nutrients as well as toxicity in the blood stream


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Causes Of Gut Biome Imbalance

If your mothers got flora was unhealthy or you were born via C-section you likely did not develop good gut flora as an infant.

Breastmilk also transfers vital bacteria into the system of an infant. Formula impairs the development of a proper gut biome an infant.

Antibiotics often damage the beneficial flora while several types of bad bacteria and fungus are unaffected, leading to an imbalance.

Different foods feed different species of our gut flora. Eating too much sugars and processed carbohydrates feed certain species especially candida.


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ADD and ASD among other conditions may be caused by a gut imbalance among infants.

Improper gut flora causes certain nutrient deficiencies and a higher toxic load.

Depending on the exact nutrients or toxins in the system, different parts of an infants brain may not develop properly.

This could lead to several different developmental disorders.

Fixing your gut biome can relieve symptoms of these conditions.

You inherit your gut flora from your mother (whose gut flora is impacted by your father during intercourse). Therefore, these problems might run in families without necessarily being genetic.


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What To Avoid Eating

Avoid lactose and casein, which are found in milk. Casein if broken down improperly turns into casomorphin, which is an opiate.

Similarly, gluten if broken down improperly creates gluteomorphin, another opiate.

Starch, in those with a gut imbalance, is a great source of food for the abnormal gut flora. Although once removed and the gut can heal, starch may be reintroduced.

Disaccharides (double sugars) require certain enzymes to be broken down into single sugars. If you don’t have enough good bacteria, The disaccharides are digested by pathogenic bacteria, and broken down into toxins.


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What to Avoid Eating Pt. 2: Processed Foods

Processed foods lose a lot of nutritional value, and gain much that is harmful.

Fats that have been heated can turn into trans fats, which replace other unsaturated fats in our cell structure, but leave the cells unable to do their proper job. This causes a plethora of problems.

Acrylamide is a neurotoxin found in several kinds of baked goods, and fried starchy foods as well as instant coffee.

Enriched flours have lost many nutrients and have harmful preservatives and pesticides.

Soy impairs mineral absorption and reduces thyroid function. It also has toxic levels of aluminum and nitrates.


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For those with poor digestion:

The introductory diet deals with those who have constipation or diarrhea as well as specific food intolerances such as dairy or eggs.

The following sections are for those without obvious signs of gastric distress.


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What To Eat: Meat

Meats and animal products contain the highest continent of vitamins, amino acids, nourishing fats, and many other nutrients and minerals we need.

Organ meat, eggs, and fish liver oil are especially good for you.

Meat should be fresh or frozen but not preserved. Sausages should only be made of full fat meat, and seasonings such as salt, pepper or other herbs.

Eggs are extremely nutritious and require very little digestion.


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Foods To Eat: Vegetables

One should eat large quantities of fresh organic non-starchy vegetables. Everyone knows vegetables are good for you.

You might be sensitive to nightshades (tomatoes peppers eggplants etc.). Avoid them initially and you may lose your sensitivity over time.

Meat digestion often leads to acidity which can be combated by eating raw vegetables.


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Foods To Eat: Fruit

All fresh or cooked fruit is great. If bought dried or frozen ensure nothing has been added.

erries are wonderful sources of nutrition.

Ensure that your fruit is ripe. Unripe fruit has starch which is a disaccharide and must be avoided. For example, bananas should have brown spots.

Fruit can interfere with the digestion of meat and should be eaten in between meals. With the exception of lemons, sour apples and avocados.


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Foods to Eat: Misc

Nuts and Seeds: Should not be roasted, salted, coated or processed in any way. Many instances of allergies are caused by contamination instead of the nut itself. 

Certain seeds should be soaked in water for ~12 hours to aid in digestion. 

Beans: only certain beans are allowed. They are dried white or haricot beans, lima beans, string beans, lentils and split peas. Lentils, peas and dried beans must be soaked in water for 12 hours. 

Honey is the best sweetener, but should be used sparingly especially when starting out. 

Salt should be unprocessed sea salt or Himalayan.  


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What to Eat: Fats and Oils

Vegetable oils become unhealthy when brought to a high temperature.

Therefore cooking and baking should only be done with Animal Fats such as lard, butter or ghee. 

Vegetable oils should be cold-pressed and only used cold, such as in a salad dressing. 


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What to Drink

Lots of Water. Drink when you wake and in between meals. Water with meals can impede digestion. Avoid unfiltered tap water.

Weak coffee and tea: these must be freshly made. Herbal teas should not be bought in commercially available mixes.

Freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid commercially available juices.

Meat/fish stock is good to drink and very nutritious. 

Alcohol: Drink in small quantities only on special occasions. Good options are: dry wine, gin, tequila, vodka, and whisky. Beer has too much starch. Cordials have too much sugar. 


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Much More:

The reasoning and evidence is provided in the book. There is also information about supplementation and probiotics as well as recipes and strategies to get stubborn kids to transition onto this diet. There is a lot of information about the immune system, eating disorders, constipation and diarrhea, and other topics. 


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He’s just ziz guy you know?


I was diagnosed with ADD and ASD as a child and was recently recommended this book by my nutritionist.


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