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Conflict Resolution Strategies & Techniques for the Workplace

Conflict Resolution Strategies & Techniques for the Workplace


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Conflict is the arrow pointing to what we need to learn the most

Conflict is described as "perceived divergence of interest, a belief that the parties’ current aspirations are incompatible.” Pruitt and Kim (2004, pp. 7–8

Conflict resolution is when an agreement is reached on contentious issues.

Conflict man...

A theoretical framework for conflict resolution

People involved in conflict experience “a wide range of psychological and physical health problems including a weakened immune system, depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders.”

Realistic conflict theory states that “conflict can always be explained by...

Psychological benefits of conflict resolution

When there is conflict, the body responds with a fight or flight reaction. Stress increases blood sugar levels and speeds up the heart rate. The cortisol released soaks the brain’s nerve cells, causing memories to shrink.

When we deal with emotions first, it will help reduc...

The following skills are vital for resolving conflict.

  • Self-awareness is recognising a feeling when it happens.
  • Self-control is the ability to regulate unrule impluses and emotions.
  • Assertive communication is where the speaker maintains self-respect, ...

The conflict resolution method

This method works well for conflicts involving values and intense emotions.

  1. Engage with the other respectfully. Respect involves how you look at the other person, how you listen, your tone of voice, and word choices.

When two or more parties are willing to work on solving a contentious issue:

  1. Define the primary needs surrounding the conflict.
  2. Brainstorm possible solutions.
  3. Choose solutions that meet the needs of both parties.
  4. Create an agenda delineating who will assume eac...

Approaches to work through issues in work settings

  1. Create an open-door policy.
  2. Appoint Ombudspersons - neutral or impartial managers who can help to resolve work-related disputes.
  3. Internal peer mediation. Designated employees can act as mediators to help resolve conflict.

  • The Two Dollar Game was developed to help employees learn the art of negotiation in a fun way.
  • Conflict Description Template created by the University of Iowa is intended to deal with conflict.
  • Use this workbook: Coping With Stres...

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