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You can now take a breath, and try to prevent an angry, defensive response that you might have reached for in the past...


How to be more secure in your relationships | Psyche Guides

How to be more secure in your relationships | Psyche Guides


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How to be more secure in your relationships..

Too needy – or afraid to commit? Your attachment style is shaped by your upbringing, but you can alter it.

1.Your attachment style has its roots in your childhood.

The child psychologist John Bowlby, who argued for our deep-seated desire for affection early in life, founded attachment science in the 1950s.

2.Your attachment style plays out in your adult relationships.

Early life experiences with your caregivers affect your expectations of what to expect from relationships throughout your life, both consciously and unconsciously.

3.Identify your current attachment style.

This will assist you in comprehending why you behave in certain ways in relationships.

4.Understand the four attachment styles.

A secure attachment style exists, as well as three insecure attachment styles: anxious, avoidant, and disorganised. The common thread between them all is that you often expect to get treated based on how you got treated.

5.Examine the attachment styles of those you love.

You're more prone to repeat the same behaviours and conflicts if you and your relationship partner don't understand each other's attachment patterns.

6.Work towards changing your attachment style.

There are ways to start changing your attachment style intentionally, not just in romantic relationships, but also with friends, family, and coworkers, if you want to. Part of this entails recognising patterns in your behaviour and practising alternate responses.

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