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Wellbeing coach Marilyn Suttle on curbing burnout and attrition

Wellbeing coach Marilyn Suttle on curbing burnout and attrition

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Wellbeing in and outside the workplace

After two years of the pandemic, employees feel more burned out and stressed. Most people have been working remotely, feeling isolated and uncertain of the future. This has taken its toll on our mental health, resulting in a record number of employees quitting their jobs.


Wellbeing is a sense of ease, peace of mind and even happiness. When your employees lack that sense of wellbeing, it affects their productivity, teamwork, and customer interactions.

Career wellbeing depends on creating a sense of social support in the workplace where you can gain skills and...

  • Physical wellbeing. Physical wellbeing should be encouraged in the workplace. How are people sitting at their computers? How would someone look if their body was in a state of wellbeing?
  • Career wellbeing. People want to be appreciated for good work ...

Breathing can help restore wellbeing

Breathing slowly and counting to 10 triggers a relaxation response in your nervous system, helping you calm down when stressed.

When you count, it reactivates your logic centres. The best way to be fully present is to savour the moment. Take a minute to enjoy the good things, even if it’s ...

 In a stressful situation, we tend to be more focused on the story we tell ourselves than the facts and exaggerate the action we should take. When you say, "This is the worst day ever," is it true?

When you're in a stressful situation and can't think of what to do, asking yourself: “Is it r...

The future of employee wellbeing

Many companies are taking employee wellbeing seriously. They are putting initiatives together and changing their culture to include that. 

The problem is that work and life are integrated and it's never going back. To thrive in a hybrid situation, we need to embrace how to create a culture ...




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Many companies experience the leaky bucket phenomenon. They spend all their energy acquiring new customers but neglect them as soon as the deal is done. Investing in your customer experience can be your best marketing and sales strategy.



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Category creation is an important strategy in modern marketing. It is an innovative business strategy that will create a unique company, an unrivaled product, and an entirely new market space at the same time.



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