What Good Leaders Do When Replacing Bad Leaders - Deepstash
Acknowledge the Previous Leader

It is easy to forget all about the past leader. But the past leader actually has a lot to teach you. 

Their shortcomings are things which you can improve on. And the good work they completed is something you will be measured on.

Therefore, take time out to ask your team what they liked and disliked about the past leader. Then, govern your leadership style from the information gathered. 


Many people in your team may have been left with a bitter taste in their mouth from past leadership. This may lead to negative treatment towards you. So, ask your team these 3 questions:

1. What about how we have worked and operated do we want to maintain?

2. What do we want to leave behind?

3. What do we want to create anew?

This helps you create a balance for your leadership. Allowing to lead with all factors considered.


As a leader, you need to create a collective vision. This means all employees need to be involved in a forming a vision which fixes the old and brings in the new. 

Ask your employees questions like:

How can I help you now?

What do you hope I will do?

What do you hope I won't do? 

By doing this you let members of your team feel appreciated. So when your vision is formed, they know you considered their priorities to.


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