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General McChrystal
"The wisest decisions are made by those closest to the problem — regardless of their seniority,”



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Trust and common purpose are 🗝️

Trust and common purpose are 🗝️

Leadership must first trust that employees understand the organization's context and goals enough to make decisions on their own. 


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Shared consciousness.

To get to a point where you trust almost anyone to make decisions on their own because you believe they have the same information and objectives you do.


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How to develop a shared consciousness

  • Conduct a network analysis of the company.   A series of targeted surveys to help expose where the key influencers and evangelists are and how decisions truly get made, regardless of what the org chart might imply.
  • Increase transparency of projects and process.  By having inclusive and regular processes for Planning, Deciding, Monitoring and Assessing activities, more people within the organization can come to understand the goals, strategies and learnings.
  • Combining Strategy and Execution. Combine the process of talking about strategy with the communication of that strategy to leaders and employees.


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Alignment meetings

Are the methods for combining strategy and execution work:

  • The goal of strategy meetings is to create an understanding of the challenges and priorities of everyone else.
  • Promoting an understanding of what resources and challenges others have, facilitates in people solving their own problems.
  • Meeting should have a clear structure. Include a facilitator to keep it on task and on schedule.
  • Allow for quick updates to identify challenges and issues.
  • The meeting’s frequency should match the pace of change in your environment.   


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"Dreaming big means planning big." - Patrick Llewellyn

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