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HR Career options

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12 Carrer Options in HR

HR can be broken into areas:

  1. HR Generalist
  2. Employee experience - aims to create a healthy, engaging working environment
  3. Employee relations - develops trust between organization & employees
  4. Business Partner - builds talent strategy approaches to help the business reach its goals
  5. Learning & development - focus on learning needs & the development of people
  6. Organization design - focus on culture
  7. Inclusion & diversity
  8. People Analytics - uses data to improve organizational decision-making
  9. People Consultant - in-house coaching
  10. Resourcing
  11. Rewards - make sure benefits are right
  12. Talent Management


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What does a learning and development specialist do?

At the macro level, L&D is about understanding the organisation strategy and its future capability needs in order to identify learning priorities across the organisation. On an individual level, it’s about creating learning environments where employees can continuously develop to be their best.

L&D specialists put in place learning initiatives that enable organizations to constantly evolve and develop. Motivational and behavioural science are key to impactful learning, while learning is about much more than just attending courses. 


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What does an employee experience specialist do?

Focuses on all the interactions an employee has with their employer. It’s closely related to employee engagement which focuses on creating a great working environment for organizations to get the most out of their people. This, in turn, is likely to drive productivity, improve products and services, innovate, aid retention, and create a great employer brand to attract new talent.

An employee experience specialist is also of the well-being of people & can transform the way people feel about their work.


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What does an OD&D specialist do?

OD&D specialists help enable the success of organisation strategy by bringing together all parts of the organisation to make sure ‘the system’ operates at its best. They’ll look at both the ‘hard’ elements (structures, systems, policies and metrics) and ‘soft’ elements of an organisation (culture, values, behaviours and relationships), combining these into a wider, integrated ecosystem.


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What does a people analytics specialist do?

People analytics specialists are problem solvers, who use data with other forms of evidence to enable effective decision making.

Lots of them focus on compensation analysis. Measuring productivity is also an area of interest.


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