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Attracting great new talent to your company


How to Attract New Talent to Your Company in 2022 - CEOWORLD magazine

How to Attract New Talent to Your Company in 2022 - CEOWORLD magazine


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The Mass Exodus Of Employees

By now, almost everyone has heard of the mass exodus of employees happening globally, formally coined the “Great Resignation.” Employers certainly have. Businesses everywhere are losing some of their best talent in droves, all in the face of persistent staffing shortages due to the pandemic — jus...

Strong employer branding requires authenticity. If you try to paint only a rosy picture of your workplace and employee experience, you won’t be able to deliver on your promises. This is a recipe for disaster. It gives employees a reason to leave and gives your company a bad reputation when those ...

Making diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a cornerstone of your business is good and necessary, but if your promises to foster a diverse, inclusive, equitable workplace aren’t backed up with action, you risk looking like a dishonest, inauthentic, and performative employer.

Prospective employees want to work for companies that have good cultures. In the current job market where workers have more power, it’s important to make your culture a priority — whether that means improving a weak or toxic existing culture or highlighting a great one that you’re proud of.

Workers want trust and flexibility. For many employees, the flexibility afforded by the pandemic allowed them to be both productive team members and human beings. When you as an employer offer flexibility, you signal to employees that you trust them to do great work and take care of life’s respon...

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The job market is filled with partially or fully remote roles. However, some of these companies are offering opportunities that are less rewarding than they seem. Therefore, candidates should do their homework to ensure that the company has a good hybrid or remote environment before accepting the job.



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