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Conventional startup founders think like traditional marketing people. They will map and segment a market, and then try to compete in that market. However, legendary startup founders design categories, not products. By doing this, there is no comparison or competition—only others who will eventually be compared to them.

Lessons of Greatness: Design your category

Lessons of Greatness: Design your category

Starting Greatness


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The legendary founder

Legendary startup founders create categories, not just products/companies.

Traits of legendary startups:

  • They have remarkable teams
  • They have breakthrough products that change the future
  • Instead of improving a p...

Our brains deal with information overload by making decisions that feel comfortable. This is not based on facts and logic but on our instincts. That is why conditioning the mind of those you want to persuade is key to category design and to creating greatness.

Common biases incl...

Category design is how you condition the minds of people to move with you to a different future.

Just like items in a supermarket, categories take up specific containers in people's minds.

There are four key steps to creating a category.

  1. Identi...

Identify the primary way your product breaks free from the present.

  • How do you want the world to think differently about a problem?
  • How do you want to introduce them to a different future, not a better product?
  • How is the world you...

Map the entire ecosystem that will put your category in motion. 

  • Who are the players that need to help you evangelize the category?
  • Who will be threatened by your proposed future?
  • What will they do to stop you?

A strong point of view will help people to embrace your idea.

Your point of view should draw a distinction between what the world is and the world you're proposing without mentioning your competitors in any way.

Get the people that are important to your ecosystem to move toward the future of your design.

For example, when Clarence Birdseye found a way to flash freeze fruits, vegetables and meats, he didn't stop there. He had to develop packaging to keep it fresh and convince th...

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