The Jobs-to-be-done framework. Why Customers find some brands irresistible. – Simily - Deepstash

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The Jobs-to-be-done framework. Why Customers find some brands irresistible. – Simily

The Jobs-to-be-done framework. Why Customers find some brands irresistible. – Simily


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The Jobs-to-be-done framework. Why Customers find some brands irresistible

If you understand why customers make the choices they do, Innovation would always be predictable, Business Success will not be guesswork.

Strategy, Operational efficiency, Branding, and Marketing are all excellent elements that bring your business to life. But the truth is compani...

What is the Jobs-to-be-done Framework?

It is an approach to developing products based on understanding both the customer’s specific goal or “job,” and the thought processes that would lead that customer to “hire” a product to complete the job.

“Jobs-to-be-Done Theory provides a framework for defining, categorizing, capt...

How the Framework came about

We have always known that the major cause of failed products and services stems from misalignment with customer needs and preferences.

Most Businesses Focus on “what they think the customer needs” as opposed to “what the customer actually wants”.

Using the Job-to-be-done fra...

Benefits and getting started

With extensive knowledge on how to use the Jobs-to-be-done framework, Businesses and teams will be able to :

– Understand and pinpoint unmet needs

– Discover and segregate unique customer needs

– Innovate and Create new offerings that will be too essential to ignore in the marke...

1. Identify your customers

Before understanding what the customer actually wants, we must first understand who the customer is.

Back in the day, it was incredibly difficult to find information about customers but thanks to the big data revolution, companies now can collect an enormous variety and volume of c...

2. What Jobs are they getting done?

You want to study customers and find out what they are trying to accomplish especially under circumstances that leave them with insufficient solutions.

When you see customers piecing together solutions themselves or complaining about solutions they wished were available, these are great clu...

3. Categorize the jobs to be done

There are two different types of JTBDs:

1. Main jobs to be done – This describes the task that customers want to achieve.

2. Related jobs to be done – Which customers want to accomplish in conjunction with the main jobs to be done.

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4. Define Competition

You need to define a few cases: for what job your product is hired for, why it got fired, and why your customer switched to another solution.

Knowing what products are in a customer’s consideration set for a Job, gives insight into what products a customer considers as competition ...

5. Prioritize the job to be done

What jobs will you prioritize as relevant and need urgent attention?

These Prioritized jobs must be based on the urgency of the client’s needs and wants and also that which offers the best opportunities for innovation.

Categorize the priorities as :

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6. What are your outcome expectations?

What will a successful outcome look like for your customer? list out expectations and measure success based on the outcome? The four types of outcome expectations are:

1. Desired outcomes customers want to achieve.

2. Undesired outcomes customers want to avoid.


Remember that people buy products and services to get jobs done; and while products come and go, the underlying job-to-be-done does not go away.

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Jobs to be done is an important form of business problem solving and user centred design



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