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SEO, Topic Experts and Writers needs to have a common ground on creating a content, this article will help them know the little things that will make their project a success!


What's The Best Way For SEO, Topic Experts & Writers To Work Together?

What's The Best Way For SEO, Topic Experts & Writers To Work Together?



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What's gonna work? Teamwork!

How would an SEO specialist write a content brief for an industry expert with very little writing experience?

Someone said all of us are creative, nahhhh...

That's not true! Our brains function in different ways, some are analytical and logical while some are critical and practical.

Industry experts are not inclined to write that's why Ghost Writers are created, so they can be the voice of th...

Build a ground of Trust for the Subject Matter Experts

Establish an invisible thread of trust between all the parties, always emphasize to the SME that:

  1. The writers who are interviewing them are there to help them convey what they want to say in plain English
  2. They have the authority on how the interview will be conducted (as long a...

Create a Content Work Flow

Creating a workflow that will determine how things will flow in the pipeline will give your team a quick overview of what will happen with the draft that was created.

Having this mind map will give trust to all parties that there is a process being implemented to make sure that the asset th...

Always remember to write for the Readers

As an SEO, company managers might get excited about the collaboration with an expert because the content will have more authority, thus they might request these particular insertions:

  • Tell them all of our features.
  • Make sure you mention these selling points!
  • Don’t forge...

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