what to do when you feel like doing nothing (unmotivated, burnt out, unproductive) - Deepstash
what to do when you feel like doing nothing (unmotivated, burnt out, unproductive)

what to do when you feel like doing nothing (unmotivated, burnt out, unproductive)

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You have to release your feeling of control and your expectations on yourself. 

All you have to do is to let go, slow down without taking actions.


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Let Yourself Rest

Let Yourself Rest

Let your body and mind rest and recuperate.

When you are unwell, all you have to do is do nothing aka rest. 

You don't have to do anything, just sit back and allow your body to balance and heal itself. 


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Give Yourself Love

Give Yourself Love

Be kind and gentle with yourself no matter what. Accept yourself exactly as you are right now, don't force anthing. 

Wherever you are right now is okay.


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Shift Your Focus

Shift Your Focus

The power of changing the perspective.

We often feel low because we've been focusing on the wrong or difficult things.

When you focus on what is hard you feel like giving up because it's such a struggle. But when you focus on what is easy it makes it easier to get through the tough time. 

So try to focus on what is easy.


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Talk to Someone

Talk to Someone

If you feel like you need help talk to someone in your life that you trust.

If you don't have one, another option is to consider online therapy like 7cups or betterhelp. 


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Stop Consuming Content That Makes You Feel Worse

Stop Consuming Content That Makes You Feel Worse

This includes any content that makes you feel bad or that makes you compare yourself to others.

Sometimes also positive/ ispirational content can't help because it reminds you of what you are unable to do right now. 


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Accept Yourself as You Are

Accept Yourself as You Are

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you're feeling right now.

If you want an instant refresh, go into nature. Being in nature heals you on a spiritual level. There you can revive your sense of peace. 


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Understand That Life Happens in Cycles

Understand That Life Happens in Cycles

Change is the only constant, this means that life never stays the same and is always going thorugh cycles or seasons. 

"This too shall pass"

Whatever you're going through know that it will pass. Just stay patient and persevere through this season. 

If you only knew day but never knew night you would take the sun for granted. It's because you know night that you can appreciate the day, same with your emotions ( Highs and lows)


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Start With Baby Steps

Start With Baby Steps

After you've given yourself rest and you're ready to take some action, start small. 

Break down your tasks into the smallest easiest chunks you can. 

A small effort is still an effort.


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Find Gratitude

Find Gratitude

Find gratitude in every little thing. Open up your journal or a word doc and start writing a list of things that you are grateful for.

Once you start focusing on gratitude, more and more things pop up.


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Follow Your Intuition

Follow Your Intuition

Just as your body knows how to heal itself when you do nothing, your life will be guided forward and change will happen. 

Change is always happening even if you're not trying to.


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