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As we move into the end of the year, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game and think about what you need to cover in your year-end performance review. In order to get you ready, we have put together a complete guide to end of year reviews with functional tips for both employees and managers.


Year End Review Tips For Employees and Managers

Year End Review Tips For Employees and Managers


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The End Of Year Review

An end of year review, also referred to as an annual review or a year end performance review, occurs once a year, where a manager goes over an employee’s overall performance. This kind of review is a little more formal than a career conversation. Its purpose is to go over achievements, goals, opp...

  • Accomplishments
  • Day-to-day responsibilities
  • Areas of improvement
  • Strengths
  • Company priorities

  • Take time to reflect.
  • Inquire about how to get to the next level.
  • Follow up.
  • Be specific.
  • Listen actively.

Start your year-end performance review by going over what your team member did a great job on. It’s important to start the conversation on a positive note because you’re setting the tone for the rest of the discussion.

When you give positive feedback, you teach your employees which kinds of...

Annual reviews are the perfect opportunity to set new goals and define new challenges for your team members. It’s important that you’re both clear and specific about these new goals that you’re setting together so that the expectations are clearly defined and there’s no chance of miscommunication...

Promote a growth mindset with your team members by encouraging employees to look for opportunities.

As a manager, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for professional opportunities as well. Remind your employees that growth is not static but a fluid learning process, that doesn’t nec...

Overloading employees with too much feedback at once isn’t productive – it’s simply overwhelming. Even if someone has several areas that they need to work on, choose one or two points to really focus on. This is going to avoid making your employee feel negatively about the feedback and also avoid...

Facilitating a two-way conversation where your employee is involved in finding solutions is going to empower them and make them feel like they have a big part to play in their own development- which they do! It’s important to try to see your employee’s perspective and approach situations empathet...

360-degree feedback is a powerful tool for managers, as it helps you understand how people on the team feel about each other’s work. It helps to give a fuller picture than just relying on one or two opinions. Multiple sources of feedback give a 3D view of an employee so they can better understand...

Whether you’re an employee or a manager, the most important thing you can do for an annual review is to be prepared for it. Although these reviews can feel a little nerve-wracking, they’re the optimal opportunity to learn, grow and build a better relationship with your manager or team member.


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