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handling a customer service person.


How to talk to customer service – and actually get what you want : Life Kit

How to talk to customer service – and actually get what you want : Life Kit


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Separate the Person from The Problem

Remember, the customer service representative isn't personally responsible for the problem you're calling about. When you speak to a representative, establish that you don't blame them for the problem.

Show Vulnerability

If you're met with a wall of business-sounding script from the representative, try to remind them that you're both humans. Use the representative's name when you talk to them. You can even mention what's around your surroundings to give them a brief glimpse into your life.

Now that's two hu...

Give Caretaking Statements

It can be awkward to ask for what you want. One way to make the situation less of a tug-of-war and more of a collaboration: try using  "caretaking" statements, like "I appreciate you being patient with me as we figure this thing out."

You're not losing focus on the problem at hand, but you'...

Calibrated Questions: Make Them Your Ally

Calibrated questions are that give the customer service representative a chance to pause and take your perspective.

You can ask, "what would you do in my situation?" or "I really wasn't expecting to wake up to this unexpected charge – what do you think I should do next?" This helps them col...

Don't Lie – Be True to Who You Are, While Also Being Respectful

  • Being stuck on an endless call-transfer loop from department to department can be frustrating. But don't lose your cool. You can show your annoyance without blowing up.
  • Remind the representative you're not angry with them personally, and say something like: I'm really frustrat...

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