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Do Diets Really Just Make You Fatter?

Do Diets Really Just Make You Fatter?


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Do Diets Really Just Make You Fatter?

Dieting can pretty fast become an obsession, as shown by today's individuals who, influenced by everything that the media is promoting, want, at all costs, to be fit and slim.

 Furthermore, this tends to apply especially to women whose mothers dieted at some point, in their life.


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The diet industry

When dieting, not only does the individual lose weight, but he or she is at risk of losing also a large amount of money. The diet industry generates high income every year, taking advantage of people's obsession to look fit. 

However, it often happens that these diets who are supposed to work wonders end up by making people lose only money and no kilos whatsoever.


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As shocking as it may seem, diets are not the key to a forever slim body

Research has shown that most of the people, who have dieted at some point in their life, end up by regaining the initial weight or even more than they had when they started the diet.


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Dieting sounds like a good idea, but it often turns out bad. This happens mainly because while dieting, our body has certain restrictions that end when the diet has been accomplished. 

Therefore, once back to our normal eating habits, we feel the need to eat even more than before. So, whenever you consider dieting, make sure you make it right, otherwise, it will all prove only a waste of time and money.


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When dieting has let you down, you might want to consider focusing on other ways to get healthier, rather than just fit. 

Among the different alternatives to dieting, why not trying to learn how to make healthier choices when it comes to your eating habits or to exercise regularly? And remember, slim is not always better: you might feel more self-confident once you have accepted yourself as you truly are and stopped chasing a certain weight that does not define you as a person.


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