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It only takes a tiny bit more effort to turn a vague compliment into something that can make someone's day.

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Adjusting your body language

When you're nervous, your body tends to tighten up, leading to short stiff movements or fidgeting. By contrast, bigger hand movements while speaking convey confidence (they make you look and even feel more confident.)

An easy way to start exercising hand movements is using the voice rule: simply move your hand in rhythm with your voice.

How To Turn Insecurity Into Confidence


Best for the latest European startup news: Sifted

Backed by the Financial Times, Sifted publishes news and views across the entire European startup ecosystem. From funding rounds to thought-provoking commentary from some of the startup world’s most successful founders, Sifted is the place to go to find upcoming trends, hard-hitting startup journalism, and excellent think-pieces. 

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 The Art Of Gathering: Give Your Gathering A Purpose

Before hosting, figure out your reason for gathering. Ask yourself how you actually want to spend your time, with whom, in what way.

We often make the mistake of conflating the category (e.g. birthday party) with the purpose (e.g. to surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you).

A purpose doesn't have to be serious, but simply adding an intention can begin to shape the group's experience of the night.

The Secret To Hosting: Define Your Purpose. Everything Else Will Follow : Life Kit


Get to the punchline as soon as possible

In stand-up comedy, those who are successful deliver the first punchline in the first 15 seconds. The second punchline is delivered in the next 15 seconds. This earns you the right to speak for a longer duration before the next punchline.

When you're pitching an idea, don't start with information your audience already knows. Instead, throw in your teaser immediately to make them interested in listening to the rest of your pitch.

Pitch Your Next Idea Like a Stand Up Comedian


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