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How Aromatherapy Works

Essential oils are absorbed by smell receptors (connected to the limbic system) which controls heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and stress.

They carry the β€œessence” of the plant.

Each plant’s essence has a different chemical composition that affects its smell, absorption, and effect.

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Research has proven that chronic loneliness can affect your overall health.

Its impact is more significant on brain health. There are also studies that point out the connection between loneliness and developing diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

In India, almost 22% of elders stay alone. While, in youngsters, chronic loneliness is ignored.

5 Common Habits That Can be as Dangerous as Smoking


Setting goals gives you something to work for and helps keep you motivated to work hard. By setting goals for yourself you give yourself something to focus on. Additionally, goals allow you to measure your progress and see how much you have achieved. It will also help you to keep on track and decide what you really want to achieve in life.

How can I change to a healthy lifestyle? Read our guide.


New dental treatment may heal tooth cavities without any filling

Scientists have invented a new product that can encourage tooth enamel to grow back, which means we could finally have a game-changing way to treat dental cavities. It is based on peptides - short chains of amino acids, linked by peptide bonds, that aren't long enough to be considered full proteins.

This New Treatment Could Heal Tooth Cavities Without Any Fillings


Natural Relief for Headache Pain

It’s common to experience pain and discomfort from a headache. Acupressure and pressure points is a more natural treatment for relief.

Pressure points are extra-sensitive parts of the body able to stimulate relief within the body.

Practitioners of Chinese reflexology, believe that touching pressure points in a certain way can:

  • improve your health
  • ease pain
  • restore balance in the body

Pressure Points for Headaches: Tension, Sinus, and More


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